The summer is almost over!

The summer is almost over and has been filled with all kinds of new excitements! The summer is our time to try new things; new recipes, new coffees, new teas, all to bring in new customers! We here at Way Beyond Bagels like to keep things exciting for our community, so we hope you enjoy all of our deliciousness as much as we love putting it together!

Our culinary minds are always churning away! This summer, your favorite chefs in the Way Beyond kitchen experimented with some amazing new recipes. These tasty delights range from a savory Mashed Edamame Humus to a delectably sweet Banana Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese. Try this new cream cheese on our new Apple Cinnamon Bagels….Sounds scrumptious! If you have tastebuds for the middle east, our new Mediterranean Salad is flying off the shelf, so come in an taste what is on the Way Beyond rage!

Our new culinary delights are only a part of the new things that are featured in the store nowadays. Our coffee counter is buzzing with an assortment of new coffee beans and organic teas. Give in to the dark side and have a large cup of “sinful delight” flavored coffee to start your day off right! When its rainy, keep it consistent and try a cup of “Organic Earl Gray Tea”  or any of the other awesome new flavors from Mighty Leaf Organic Tea. Our iced tea, iced coffee, hot coffee and hot tea have all been revamped so give everything another “shot!”

In Way Beyond Bagels, things are new and exciting, and sharing this excitement is our main goal, however we also would like to point out that our favorite neighbors over at Morikami Japanese Museums and Gardens are also hosting an exciting event this weekend! The “Bon Festival” of 2012 is this Saturday, August 18th! The “Bon Festival” is a celebration of ancestors, and will include Bon Odori folk dancing, Taiko drum performances, floating lantern lightings and fireworks! Please visit http://support.morikami.org/site/Calendar/1949072777?view=Detail&id=104264 to buy tickets and remember to stop by your favorite bagel shop for a quick meal during your visit to the gardens!

Come in and enjoy the last of your summer with us and we’ll make sure you leave our store satisfied as ever!


As Always We Thank You,

Your Most Loyal Way Beyond Bagels Staff!