Our bagels are out of this world! What makes them so special?

Our recipe has been handed down from generation to generation, and maintains the craft of the traditional process of baking kettle boiled bagels. Having learned this old school art of bagel baking in New York, we know that the water is a key element. Rumor has it that the best bagels, breads, and pizza come from New York, because there is something special in the water. Well, we have tested our water and have made sure that it is as similar to New York water as possible! Combining the proper proportions of the finest flour, malt, yeast, water, and salt with traditional techniques, we have the makings of tasty, scrumptious bagels!

We don’t stop there….we use the freshest ingredients in all of our flavors and do not substitute with additives and colorings. Our veggie bagels boast chopped veggies, our spinach bagels taste like fresh spinach because that’s what we use, and our cinnamon raisin and cinnamon crunch bagels permeate fresh cinnamon. Furthermore, our raisins in the sourdough pecan raisin, 7 grain w/raisins, cinnamon raisin, and russian pumpernickel bagels melt a mouthwatering sweetness into the bagel, and our multigrain and whole wheat bagels incorporate the highest quality flour. Every single flavor at Way Beyond Bagels is especially created and made with TLC, using our skilled techniques and the finest components, creating a unique texture of a crispy outside crust and a flavorful, aromatic, satisfying interior.

“Out of this world and into the galaxy! The best bagels around!”